Starlight, star bright, MS launches Silverlight

5 Sep 2007

Using World Wrestling Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight and the Halo 3 preview to showcase its new cross-browser, cross-platform technology, Microsoft lifted the lid on its long expected Silverlight 1.0 technology.

The software giant says that Silverlight will help significantly reduce development and deployment costs and enhance the web audio and video streaming experience.

The company also launched its Silverlight Partner Initiative to foster collaboration among software vendors, content networks and design agencies.

Silverlight 1.0 will provide cross browser support for both Windows and OS X and, as part of a partnership deal with Novell, will be available for Linux.

“Our expectations for compelling, immersive experiences on the Web are increasing daily,” said Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect.

“With today’s release of Silverlight 1.0, we’re making it possible for developers and designers to deliver to individuals the kind of high-def experiences they crave by integrating data and services in rich and unique ways.

“Silverlight will further accelerate the growth in rich interactive applications by giving developers and designers new options for delivering great experiences that span the Web, PC, phone and other devices,” Ozzie said.

In terms of partnerships, more than 35 companies have already signed up to support Silverlight including content delivery networks like Level 3, design agencies like Razorfish, independent software vendors like Pinaccle Systems and systems integrators like Liquid Compass and Skinkers.

By John Kennedy