Strencom unveils €60,000 network for Ecco Ireland

1 Jul 2009

Business IP services provider Strencom has just finished completing a €60,000 private managed data network for Ecco Ireland, one of the largest footwear wholesale and retailers in the country.

The private managed network connects 12 Ecco stores throughout Ireland, allowing real-time access to accounts and stock information.

As Ecco Ireland’s store and employee numbers increased in the past year, the previous data network was unable to handle volume and had a day-long lag in passing stock and account information from the stores to head office.

Strencom’s provision of a private broadband ADSL solution, Cloud Connect, allows for a dedicated network between all stores and head office.

Paul Lyons, operations manager, ECCO Ireland, said: “By working with Strencom, we’ve been able to streamline the cost of our network data infrastructure, increase levels of operational efficiencies and, ultimately, enhance our service offering to our customers.

“With the benefit of real-time stock-control analysis, ECCO is in a position to provide our customers with up-to-the-minute stock information. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, these capabilities make a difference and are vital to our business.”

Tim Murphy, managing director, Strencom, added that Ecco’s network connectivity needs were met, allowing the company to scale up while reducing network costs and increasing customer service levels.

“We have delivered 10 similar private broadband networks in recent times, with many driven by the need to cut costs and be more competitive,” he added.

By Marie Boran

Pictured (from left): Paul Lyons, operations manager, ECCO Ireland, and Tim Murphy, managing director, Strencom