Teen claims to have hacked CIA director’s emails – FBI investigates

20 Oct 2015

An investigation has been launched after a US teenager claims to have hacked personal email accounts of the director of the CIA.

The irony! As Facebook prepares to warn users if they’ve been hacked by government agencies, a massive investigation has been launched after a teenager claims to have hacked personal email accounts of the director of the CIA as well as the Homeland Security Secretary.

The teen hacker, who told all to the New York Post, said that the director of the CIA John Brennan failed to learn from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and used his own personal email account to store work-related documents, including a 47-page application for top secret security clearance.

Other emails included social security numbers and personal information on more than a dozen top US intelligence officials.

It is understood that the FBI and other federal agencies are now investigating the hacker with criminal charges likely.

Cracka With Attitude takes on CIA

The attack comes just as Facebook has begun rolling out security measures to protect users from state-sponsored attacks.

The hacker, going by the moniker CWA (Cracka with Attitude) on Twitter, began releasing information on Twitter, including a small spreadsheet containing the personal information, which has since been removed.

The hacker, who claims to be a US high school student, is understood to have been motivated by opposition to US foreign policy around Palestine.

The hacker claims to have used social engineering to trick workers at Verizon into providing Brennan’s personal information and duping AOL into resetting his password.

He also claims to have accessed the Comcast account of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and listened to his voicemails.

CIA image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years