Tesco website hacked along with customers’ information

14 Feb 2014

Tesco image via Wikimedia Commons

Tesco has become one of the latest major retailers to be targeted by hackers, as more than 2,000 people’s personal and account information was posted online.

As reported in the Guardian, Tesco has had to react quickly by deactivate every online account used by Tesco.com.

These details would include account balances, clubcard numbers, passwords and personal information that was established in these accounts.

With all accounts now cancelled, Tesco has advised customers to set up new accounts  and offer customers affected vouchers to replace any lost credit they may have had on these accounts.

In a statement, Tesco have said: “We have contacted all customers who may have been affected and are committed to ensuring that none of them miss out as a result of this. We will issue replacement vouchers to the very small number who are affected.”

The company went on further to apologise to customers about the breach: “”The security of our customer’s data is of the utmost importance to us, and we apologise sincerely to any of our customers who were affected. We are conducting a thorough review of our processes to ensure this never happens again.”

This comes despite the fact that only this week, Tesco made a basic email error when attempting to send an email regarding a price change, but sent a full, detailed list of every recipient in the ‘to’ bar.

Major retailers like Target in the United States have been increasingly under-fire from hacking groups getting them access to customer data.  

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic