The cloud gives businesses clarity, says Trilogy boss

7 Jan 2011

The question of how easy it is to actually move to the cloud is one of those being asked by organisations, according to Edel Creely of Trilogy Technologies.

“Our answer is the private cloud doesn’t give you those concerns. That’s really the role of organisations like Trilogy – to work with companies and advise on what are the right solutions for them.”

Recently, Trilogy Technologies launched ‘edge/point’, the company’s newly developed managed services portal, which is a highly functional, ‘window into an infrastructure’ one, providing real-time visibility of a client’s entire IT infrastructure anywhere via a standard web browser.

The portal provides organisations with an overview of their entire IT infrastructure, including incident management, technical support, detailed reporting and change and problem management information.

Reduction in costs

As there is no need for training, and there are no overheads in terms of implementation, costs are reduced overall.

Furthermore, ‘edge/point’ gives customers the flexibility to choose how much or how little participation they wish to have over the viewing of the health of their infrastructure.

The portal is a key feature of Trilogy’s managed services offering, which devolves tasks to intelligent agents to monitor systems and components and provides feedback on their status.

“Trilogy’s managed service improves a company’s productivity by having far greater control and visibility over their technology platform, at one touch of a button,” explains Neil Stone-Wigg, chief technology officer, Trilogy Technologies.

“We focus on keeping clients’ entire technology platforms ahead of the curve, freeing them to focus on the applications that give them a competitive edge.”