The real cost of Sony’s network outage (infographic)

18 Apr 2012

It has been a year since one of the largest online data breaches to date – the cyber attacks on Sony that resulted in the theft of personal information belonging to more than 100m users of its PlayStation Network, Qirocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services.

The cyber attacks have cost the consumer electronics giant – as such attacks would cost any organisation – legally, reputationally and financially.

Sony has been left with a bill of US$24.5bn, according to an infographic published by Promotional Codes on The cost of a data breach per customer alone amounted to US$318.

The company has since taken action to guard itself against and future cyber attacks.

For instance, in a post on Reddit at the end of June, Sony appeared to be seeking a new staff member: “(Hiring) Sony Electronics is looking for a talented Sr. Application Security Analyst for our HQ in San Diego. You know why.”

In September, Sony announced that Philip R Reitinger had been appointed senior vice-president and chief information security officer, corporate executive in charge of global information security and privacy, Sony Corporation.

Sony itself had said the cyber attacks, which led to network services being temporarily shut down, had also led to higher costs to cover items such as improved security measures.

Sony infographic

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic