The worst computer viruses in history (infographic)

17 Aug 2015

Typical humans. We go ahead and create an interconnected paradise called the internet, only to fill it to the brim with viruses, scams and needlessly chaotic nightmares.

Some viruses become famous, reaching into mainstream contemporary discussion, while others are hidden away among discussions far too specialised for the average internet consumer.

However, there is a chronology behind the major cyber problems that have hit us in the past 30 years, with some surprising bits of information, to boot.

Worst computer virus of all time

For example, did you know the person behind the 1988 Morris Worm virus became an associate professor at MIT?

Robert Morris’ nascent virus affected one-in-10 computers hooked up to the internet around the world – try extrapolating that across today’s numbers…

The Anna Kournikova virus in the early 2000s was prominent enough to appear in an episode of Friends, while Stuxnet in 2010 allowed US parties to compromise Iranian nuclear enrichment activities.

BullGuard’s excellent infographic portrays the timeline quite well.

Worst computer virus of all time

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic