The year the internet fell apart (infographic)

9 Jun 2015

Last year the internet fell apart. Did you know that? Well that would be the impression you would have taken from all the security breaches that became front-page news.

According to the latest IBM infographic, significant threats and massive data breaches made front-page news on a regular basis during 2014.

IBM security intelligence saw the average number of security events in any one of its clients’ systems drop to 81m in 2014 from 92m in 2013, resulting in 36pc fewer attacks but the same number of incidents.

More than 62pc of incidents were focused on three industries in 2014: finance and insurance (25.3pc), ICT (19.08pc) and manufacturing (21.7pc).

Unauthorised access (37pc) was the main mode of attack in 2014 followed by sustained probes (20pc) and malicious code (20pc).

Around 31.5pc of attacks come from malicious insiders.


IBM infographic: the year the internet fell apart

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years