Toshiba web server hacked

18 Jul 2011

Personal information, including the passwords and email addresses of hundreds of customers, has been compromised following the hacking of one of Toshiba Corporation’s US-based servers.

The server, that contained customer registration information of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS), a US-based Toshiba Group company, was taken offline, the company said this past weekend.

“A limited amount of personal information was stolen, including a small number of e-mail addresses,” Toshiba said in a statement, adding that it has launched an investigation into the breach.

The investigation has revealed “data theft of e-mail addresses and passwords affecting 681 customers”.

The hacked server’s database included information on 7,520 of TAIS’ customers, but did not contain such personal data as financial information or credit card and social security numbers.

Customers who have been affected by the breach have been alerted, Toshiba said.

The company said it is taking precautions to avoid any recurrence of similar incidents and to ensure customer information remains secure.