Trintech payments system deployed by Calor Gas

13 Dec 2006

Dublin-based software firm Trintech has signed a deal with the UK’s largest liquid gas firm Calgor Gas to automate cash, cheque and credit card payments to help reduce risks associated with what was originally a labour-intensive process.

Calor Gas supplies around four million homes, businesses and individuals in the UK from 10,000 outlets.

The company will use Trintech’s ReconNet system to improve transaction processing rates and carry out daily reconciliation to identify transaction errors and mismatches much more quickly.

“We wanted to eliminate time-intensive manual processes through automation and benefit from daily, rather than monthly, reconciliation,” said Geert Gyselinck, finance director for Calor Gas.

“We looked at Trintech’s ReconNET and concluded that it not only met our immediate requirements, but also offered scalability for the further expansion of our business.”

It is understood Calor Gas conducted a thorough evaluation of various reconciliation software systems that would automate financial reconciliations and improve transaction-processing rates before deciding on Trintech’s technology.

“This project validates our unique approach, incorporating best-of-breed technology and specialised services, to meet enterprise reconciliation needs,” said John Harte, general manager for Trintech.

“We’re eager to help Calor Gas automate all of their financial reconciliation and exception management processes so they can focus on their core business growth initiatives,” said Harte.

By John Kennedy