Trintech prepares to scale Longhorn

7 Jun 2007

Irish Nasdaq-listed electronic payments and financial reconciliation player Trintech has mapped its seminal software architecture utilising the .NET framework onto the latest Microsoft technologies including Vista and Longhorn.

“We found the .NET 2.0 framework to be incredibly rich in feature functionality, and when combined with the expressiveness of the C# language, we were able to create a powerful code base in a short period of time,” said Glen Rudelis, vice-president of engineering at Trintech.

“This platform will allow us to not only deliver a highly capable and sophisticated set of products for transaction reconciliation management and accounting compliance, it’s also one that provides new levels of user friendliness and insight into critical high-value issues.

“The easier systems are to use the more our customers are able to realise their own operational efficiencies and focus on core financial initiatives,” said Rudelis.

The move is one of a number of steps Trintech has taken to ensure its products migrate seamlessly to the next generation of IT systems. The company’s US customers include 7-Eleven, Verizon and Accor.

For example, the integration Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) technologies have provided Trintech with key advantages, including a quick and easy means for developing and deploying dashboards and reports.

“Trintech has capitalised on the opportunity to gain insight into the development and delivery of solutions utilising the .NET framework and we are very excited about Trintech’s commitment as a leader in their industry,” said Greg Urquhart, Microsoft general manager of independent software vendors (ISVs) in the US.

“Their work is representative of the tremendous momentum in the ISV community with Microsoft platform technologies,” Urquhart added.

“Trintech’s reconciliation solutions embody the concepts that Microsoft promotes everyday: improving operations and driving innovation and efficiencies for users around business processes.”

By John Kennedy