US cloud player Egenera buys Dublin software firm Fort Technologies

5 Dec 2012

Fort Technologies founder Gerry Murray

Fort Technologies, a cloud business management software provider started in 2008, has been acquired by US firm Egenera for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition enables Egenera to bring Fort’s innovative management capabilities to its PAN Cloud Director software solution to provide customers with a means to design and deliver enterprise-class cloud services.

The founder and CEO of Fort Technologies Gerry Murray told that all of Fort’s 10 employees will transfer to Egenera.

“Service customers who use the Silverline service will see the benefits of the technical and engineering support services of both companies brought together.

“We’ll also see more benefits of new software coming out of the collaboration and even more robust infrastructure deployed and a better and wider range of services in Ireland,” Murray added.

Faster deployment, stronger platform

He said Egenera is a well established player in the systems management industry and had been seeking a well established software specialist company.

“Put the two together and you end up with a strong offering of high quality across the range from physical to hybrid.

“The ultimate winner will be the CTO who is trying to get the best bang per buck and a richer selection when it comes to purchasing a physical, hybrid or just pure cloud system,” Murray said.

He said future job creation prospects are currently being explored.

Engenera is headquartered in Massachusetts, US with offices around the world. Its software business grew by 407pc in 2011.

“The acquisition allows us to help our customers move to the cloud faster and create more enterprise-class, resilient and secure clouds,” said Pete Manca, CEO of Egenera. “Fort Technologies’ distinctive approach to cloud management turns the design, deployment and management of IT services into a simple drag and drop exercise.

“This enables service providers and enterprises alike to grow and succeed in the cloud,” Manca said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years