US created Stuxnet – went to ‘cyber war’ with Iran on Obama’s orders

1 Jun 2012

All the president's 'meme' - former US president George Bush and President Barack Obama

The US is at cyber war with Iran. Actually it has been at cyber war with Iran since the start of the Obama administration and authored the Stuxnet virus that has since spun out of control.

It is understood the US created the Stuxnet worm to attack Iran’s nuclear power facilities but escaped into cyberspace.

According to The New York Times, the worm’s escape caused panic stations in the White House Situation Room.

However, instead of shutting Stuxnet down, US cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities have increased on US President Barack Obama’s orders.

However, the effectiveness of Stuxnet appears to be questionable and Iran managed to continue to develop its nuclear facilities.

In addition, Iran has developed its own cyber warfare unit.

Code name Olympic Games

The US has reportedly amassed a considerable arsenal of cyber warfare weaponry under a project that began under the Bush administration code named Olympic Games.

According to The New York Times, the use of the cyber weapons has actually prompted soul searching among Obama and his cyber warfare team about whether the use of the weapons could actually allow terrorists and warring nations to justify the use of cyber attacks.

Stuxnet, which targets SCADA software used in energy and industrial automation systems, went on to infect computers all over the world, including water supply companies in the US.

Ah well, at least Obama and his Olympic Games team can take comfort in the knowledge that 60pc of computers infected worldwide were in Iran, according to Symantec.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years