UTV makes dramatic leap from tape to digital archiving

2 Dec 2010

Northern Ireland broadcaster UTV Television has implemented a new intelligent archiving system that enables it to move from tape-based archiving to digital archiving seamlessly.

Tyrell CCT has provided the broadcaster with an intelligent archiving solution, consisting of Marquis’ Parking archive and retrieval software and a three-node MatrixStore cluster from Object Matrix.

Powered by Marquis Broadcast’s Media Highway Technology, the new solution takes advantage of Parking’s easy-to-use edit sequence archive and restore functionality and MatrixStore’s secure, cost-efficient near-line storage array enabling UTV to move forward rapidly with its transition to tapeless technology.

UTV needed fast, unhindered access to its digital news packages while also requiring a large volume of archive material to be readily available.

The integrated Marquis and Object Matrix solution allows UTV to move entire sequences, including edit decisions, subclips and metadata, from dedicated Avid ISIS storage to the MatrixStore environment in a simple one-click process.

No specialist knowledge of storage or archive management systems is required. At any time in the future, sequences, together with all metadata, including media and edit decisions, can be retrieved and dropped directly into the editing system.

Workflow efficiency

The solution greatly improves workflow efficiency and resource management for UTV as valuable online edit storage is freed up. The process of archiving is fast and easy, as Parking wraps the sequence elements and metadata into a standard TAR file as they are transferred to MatrixStore.

Similarly, the process of file restore is also fast and efficient, as Parking eliminates the need to re-ingest and conform media before editing can begin.

The MatrixStore provides a self-managing nearline archive that compliments UTV’s online Avid workflows and manages the availability, protection and longevity of its content.

This node-based clustered storage array will initially provide UTV with 33TB of nearline storage and combined with the unique object-based architecture of MatrixStore, it provides an incredibly secure environment to build UTV’s digital archive.

“The combination of Object Matrix and Marquis gives UTV a robust and flexible solution that is easily scalable and allows us to accommodate and manage our rapidly growing digital news archive,” commented Sean Ferrin, head of operations, UTV Television.

“The solution brings significant cost savings and efficiencies, freeing up valuable resources and greatly reducing the requirement for large quantities of tapes and associated physical storage.

“Content can now be moved with minimum effort and it is instantly searchable, easily retrievable and totally secure,” Ferrin added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years