Virtualisation and SOA top the CIO’s shopping list

19 Mar 2008

More than half of chief information officers (CIOs) have put service oriented architecture (SOA) into their 2008 budgets, as well as virtualisation, the latest CIO management survey by IDC has revealed.

In 2008, CIO investment dollars will focus on improving internal business/technology processes, business reporting and information management, infrastructure and communicating with partners, suppliers and customers.

IDC’s survey revealed the top 10 technologies or management disciplines to be in use by CIOs by 2009 as: SOA – 141pc; radio frequency ID Tags – 122pc; voice over internet protocol – 97pc; IT services quality certification – 86pc; virtualisation – 75pc; storage over internet protocol – 72pc; sales force automation tools and marketing management – 66pc; information technology library – 65pc; document management – 63pc; online exchanges/marketplaces/portals – 63pc.

“Half of responding CIOs have SOA is their 2008 budgets. This is interesting as many IT industry participants first saw SOA as another standards and application development paradigm wave that would just fade away,” said Melissa Martin, senior market analyst, enterprise end-user programmes, IDC.

“Virtualisation is another of the top technologies CIOs will be investing in this year. This is no surprise as CIOs are now on the journey to enable their environments to be as flexible and futureproofed as possible. SOA and virtualisation technologies are enablers that can support these objectives,” added Martin.

By John Kennedy