Vodafone and I.T. Alliance in €1m deal

22 Oct 2007

Vodafone Ireland has signed a 12-month contract worth €1m with I.T. Alliance for the provision of testing services for a number of software systems.

Under the terms of the contract, I.T. Alliance will provide a team, the majority of whom are already located on Vodafone’s premises, to manage the testing of a number of software upgrades during the year. Testing is for internal systems, in particular customer relationship management and billing systems, and includes user acceptance and experience testing.

I.T. Alliance has worked with Vodafone Ireland over the past few years. The company has implemented a test automation programme that replaces manual testing where feasible and reduces delivery cost for the mobile operator.

“We provide Vodafone with regular reporting to demonstrate team productivity and effectiveness as well as return on investment from our test automation programme,” commented Tony Hall, principal test consultant, I.T. Alliance.

“Unlike traditional managed services, our core Vodafone team has built up a knowledge base which means there is no steep learning curve each time it wants to implement an upgrade.”

Kevin Roche, delivery & test manager, Vodafone Ireland, commented: “We have built a partnership with I.T. Alliance over many years that ensures Vodafone operates efficiently and cost effectively in the area of software testing.”

Irish-owned I.T. Alliance employs 250 people.

By Niall Byrne