Vodafone ends Ireland-UK roaming charges

8 Mar 2006

Exactly a month after O2, Ireland’s largest mobile telecoms firm Vodafone has ended roaming charges between Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

From 14 March all Vodafone Ireland customers travelling to the UK for business or pleasure will see a reduction in call costs, the company said.

Bill-paying Vodafone customers travelling to Northern Ireland or the UK will pay their normal everyday rates on calls and receiving calls will be free.

Prepaid customers of Vodafone will pay a connection fee of 29 cents per call and their everyday rates after that. If prepaid customers receive calls from Northern Ireland and the UK it will cost 29 cents but no extra charge.

The company said that customers already availing of its Passport service will automatically receive the service. However, those not yet signed up can do so by texting SUBROAM to 50020.

The imposition of roaming charges has been a contentious issue for people travelling to the North and the UK and particularly for those living in border regions who found themselves paying roaming fees without even leaving their homes.

A month ago O2 took the step of removing its cross-border roaming charges.

At the time the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Noel Dempsey TD commented: “It is simply unacceptable that thousands of people travelling north and south every day are subjected to high, inadvertent roaming charges when they call or text on their mobile.”

By John Kennedy