VoiceSage raises funding

20 Mar 2006

Cork-based telecoms software company VoiceSage has secured more than €1.5m in a first-round funding drive that was supported by Enterprise Ireland.

According to the company the money will be used to deliver a research and development programme and to drive its internationalisation plans. In total, VoiceSage has now raised funding to date to €2.5m.

VoiceSage has developed Interactive Notification services based around natural voice activation. These tools allow businesses to manage communication requirements with customers, employees and other stakeholders proactively. They can be used for business processes such as bill payment, appointment remindering, direct marketing and event management.

One of the company’s products, VoiceSage Notice, can be triggered from within a database to deliver automated real time alerting. For example, this could involve a bank notifying a client that their overdraft is coming to its limit and encourage them to contact customer service so that a direct debit doesn’t fail.

VoiceSage uses a service delivery model for its software. Also known as Application Service Provision (ASP), this means that the software is hosted remotely and the customer accesses it via an internet-enabled computer.

VoiceSage is based at the National Software Centre in Cork and its management team is an experienced one. Company founder and CEO JJ Kett previously co-founded the research management software firm Kinematik and is a former CEO of the Cork University Foundation. Graham Brierton, chief technology officer and head of development, is a former technology architect at Vision Consulting. Marketing director Paul Sweeney was previously a programme manager at Eircom. Mary Skelly has recently joined the team as vice-president of sales.

By Gordon Smith