VoIP firm targets €1m
turnover in first year

5 Apr 2006

A new voice over IP (VoIP) telecoms service initiative deployed jointly by Bandwidth Telecommunications and equipment firm TNS Distribution is aiming to generate turnover of €1m by the end of this year, siliconrepublic.com has learned.

The two companies have established an e-dealer initiative called Detewe.ie that allows end users to purchase traditional and VoIP systems from their selected reseller.

Using the system a reseller can log onto Detewe.ie to order a system by providing information about the job, the number of users, names and phone book, the extensions and hunting groups that are required and other information. The customised system is then delivered to the customer so the reseller can install it easily.

Bandwidth Telecommunications is the master distributor for DeTeWe in Ireland and the company implemented a VoIP telephony system for TNS Distribution. Following a successful implementation, both companies realised that a partnership would allow them to offer VoIP to networking resellers throughout the country.

“VoIP, or put simply ‘using the internet for a voice telephone call’, has emerged into mainstream telecoms,” explains Eamonn O’Donnell, managing director of Bandwidth Telecommunications. “Using relatively simple technology, the services are now in place which can finally deliver a reliable, high-quality solution at very low cost. With Detewe.ie, we hope to revolutionise the online VoIP system buying experience.”

TNS Distribution undertakes the first-level support while Bandwidth provides second-level support and configuration services. Detewe.ie offers a broad range of innovative and powerful VoIP systems, telephones, applications and integrated solutions for the SME market. The solutions are based on DeteWe’s successful OpenCom family that provides a fully fledged yet cost-optimised, professional communication platform with integrated DECT-system telephony and VoIP.

“This initiative gives resellers access to extra revenue streams,” says John McHugh, managing director at TNS Distribution. “They can now get the entire business, networking and telephones. On a new job it is the networking people who are brought in first; now they can pitch for the telephone business as well.”

TNS Distribution is running different levels of training courses and they will provide resellers with leads they receive.

Speaking with siliconrepublic.com, O’Donnell explained that while the traditional landline business is a consistent market the VoIP market is showing major potential as a result of market breakthroughs by new telecom players Blueface and VOIP Ireland.

“The VoIP marketplace takes two main shapes: as a system used internally in businesses and a growing residential market. There is evidence that more and more people are using services like Skype to make local calls here in Ireland and cut down on international call costs.

“There is a slight learning curve involved before VoIP achieves true acceptance but more and more people are informed about it and those that need it are using it,” O’Donnell explained

By John Kennedy

Pictured (l-r): John McHugh, director, TNS Distribution; Eamonn O’Donnell, managing director, Bandwidth Telecommunications; and Ivan Eustace, director, TNS Distribution