Webinars to help cut software development costs

8 Jul 2009

IT services company Sogeti is to launch a series of free webinars to help Irish IT companies cut development and testing costs.

“In response to the new economic environment, organisations right across all sectors are being asked to do more for less with fewer resources and in many cases after a restructuring process,” Sogeti’s practice manager Fran O’Hara explained.

He said Sogeti is running a series of free Webinars one a month for the next five months beginning on 22 July at 11am on www.sogeti.ie to address IT techniques for coping with the changed environment and to discuss solutions to combat it.

The webinars will address the cost, quality and productivity issues involved in software development, testing and deployment.

“Many organisations can significantly improve quality while reducing costs by implementing process improvement initiatives that focus on measurable performance results,” O’Hara explained.

“This is in the context of the organisation’s overall business goals so that the return on investment will deliver real tangible results.”

O’Hara said that implementing ‘agile’ methods with small incremental deliverables on a monthly basis can be more effective in turbulent times than larger 18-month projects.

“This is because with longer projects the requirements can change significantly, as the project is delivered in response to the current uncertainty and lack of budgetary approval for large projects.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Fran O’Hara, practice manager, Sogeti