Wikileaks issues US$100,000 bounty for top secret file

2 Jun 2015

Wikileaks is actively on the hunt for one of the most closely-guarded secret files in the world, after calling for donations to offer a US$100,000 bounty for the remaining chapters of the multinational Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP).

The agreement between 12 nations, including the US, has been ongoing for the past five years and the public was only made aware of it following the leak of the first three chapters of the TPP agreement back in 2013.

Wikileaks and other digital rights activist organisations were unified in criticising the document, which appeared to show that some of the world’s largest corporations would be able to enforce patent laws across the entire world under one system, particularly those in the pharmaceutical business.

It is also cited as being incredibly damaging to the average person’s internet freedoms as it would require internet service providers (ISPs) to effectively police users and monitor them and clamp down on any breaches involving copyrighted content.

Wikileaks is now hoping to see the remaining 26 chapters of the TPP agreement, which still remains under wraps, with the incentive of raising US$100,000 from donations to fund a rather lucrative bounty.

Announcing Wikileaks’ hopes for the bounty fund, its founder Julian Asange said: “The transparency clock has run out on the TPP. No more secrecy. No more excuses. Let’s open the TPP once and for all.”

TPP agreement protest image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic