Windows 8 will revolutionise file management – Microsoft

25 Aug 2011

Microsoft has revealed that its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system will feature new ways of copying, moving, renaming and deleting files, empowering users with the ability to pause/resume copy operations or prioritise data transfer copy jobs.

The director of Program Management on Microsoft’s Windows engineering team Alex Simons revealed that Windows 8 will pull core file management commands into a single box to give users greater visibility over copy progress and the ability to pause/restart and prioritise copy jobs over one another.

“Usability studies confirm what most of us know—there are some pretty cluttered and confusing parts of the Windows 7 copy experience. This is particularly true when people need to deal with files and folders that have the same file names, in what we call file name collisions. Lastly, our telemetry shows that 5.61pc of copy jobs fail to complete for a variety of different reasons ranging from network interruptions to people just canceling the operation.

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We clearly have an opportunity to make some improvements in the experience of high-volume copying, in dealing with file name collisions, and in assuring the successful completion of copy jobs.

With Windows 8 users will be to review and control all the Exploprer copy jobscurrently executing in one dialog instead of a few and users will be able to have control over which copy jobs will complete first.

Each copy job will show the speed of data transfer, the transfer rate trend and how much data is left to transfer.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years