Windows Server 2012 launched as cornerstone of Microsoft’s Cloud OS

4 Sep 2012

Software giant Microsoft has launched Windows Server 2012 across the world, labeling it the cornerstone of the Cloud OS that will be a platform for the world’s applications. The company says the new server was built from the cloud up.

Microsoft said Server 12 was built by applying the company’s experience operating global data centres that rely on hundreds of thousands of servers to deliver more than 200 different cloud services.

The company also said it adds new advancements in virtualisation, storate, networking and automation.

By combining it with Windows Azure and System Centre the new Server empowers organisations to manage and deliver applications and services across private, hosted and public clouds.

A survey of 70 early adopter customers from across the globe revealed that they expect, on average, 52pc reduction in downtime, 41pc reduction in workload deployment time, and 15 hours of productivity time saved per year, per employee.

Some 91pc of the companies surveyed expect a reduction in server administration labour, and 88pc expect reduction in network administration labour.

‘The OS has always been the heartbeat of IT’

In his keynote speech Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft Server and Tools Business described how Windows Server 2012 is a cornerstone of the Cloud OS that provides customers with a modern platform for the world’s applications.

“The operating system has always been the heartbeat of IT and is now undergoing a renaissance in the new world of continuous cloud services, connected devices and big data,” Nadella said.

“Microsoft’s unique legacy in the most widely used operating systems, applications and cloud services positions us to deliver the Cloud OS, based on Windows Server and Windows Azure, helping customers achieve a datacenter without boundaries,” Nadella added.

Cloud computing image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years