Wireless internet training for Dublin civil servants

16 Aug 2004

3Com and the Institute of Public Administration are offering Dublin-based civil servants access and training on web, email and networking across a wireless local area network based at the Institute’s Lansdowne Road base.

Previously internet access was only available to students at the Institute on a handful of desktops in its Business Centre.

Donal Morrissey, technical administrator, IPA, explained: “This installation enables public servants to gain access to vital work information while on breaks from their courses at the Institute, using their laptops. It also enables both students and staff to access our network resources without the bother of trailing cables.

“In the past, IPA visitors used to have access to the internet via nine desktops in a business centre located at the office – this restricted users’ flexibility and mobility.

Joe Finucane, sales director of Wireless Networks Ireland Ltd, adds: “Security is paramount with this installation as civil servant information is obviously confidential. Data is protected by the latest encryption and authentication standards, no-one can access the system without being authorized to do so. The wireless network has also been integrated into the IPA’s existing network which allows not only visitors but IPA staff to utilise the wireless network.”

Ray O’Connor, country manager of 3Com Ireland, commented: “This network, using the 3Com 802.11g Wireless LAN Access Point 7250, services 100 users every week on average. This means that IPA users no longer need to queue for PCs as they did in the past to access educational or public sector information so time management has increased tenfold.”

By John Kennedy