World Cup wins boost productivity – HP

7 Jul 2010

It seems as though the beautiful game is the productivity boosting game as well, as an HP survey finds that employees report more industrious workdays following a victory for their nation’s team.

Commissioned as part of HP’s Laser Jet Pays You Back campaign, the survey across European SMEs found that more than 50pc of respondents were working more efficiently the morning after their team won.

Added to this workloads were being dealt with more effectively where organisations found their employees arranging deadlines and goals around match screenings with the side effect of a morale boost, explained Luis Casado, marketing director, LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions (LES), Imaging & Printing Group Europe, Middle East & Africa.

“The World cup typically brings people together, even those without an interest in football at all; it’s clear that engaging in the event and capitalising on this increased team spirit can only enhance the performance of a business both before and the morning following the game,” added Casado.

“As a Spaniard myself, I really hope that efficiencies the morning after continue to grow for at least another week!” he said.

Interestingly, Germans surveyed didn’t report the same boost in productivity, in fact 53pc admitted to being less efficient the morning after a victory.

So whatever team you’re rooting for in the match between Spain and Germany, in purely economic terms it would be better if Spain won!