YouTuber discovers how to bypass iPhone 5 lock screen on iOS 6

14 Feb 2013

Another iOS 6 issue has been discovered and this one allows someone to access the dialler app, full contact list and call history from the lock screen by following a few simple steps.

The lock screen bypass was discovered by YouTube user VideosdeBarraquito who also details the sequence of steps and key presses in the video’s description. The uploader says the trick can be used to play pranks on friends but asks that it isn’t used “to do evil”.

However, getting access to another user’s phone in this way could allow someone to make premium-rate calls and delete the log or edit and delete their contacts. VideosdeBarraquito claims the trick works on iPhone 5 devices running iOS 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and the recently released 6.1.

iOS 6.1 was released towards the end of January, promising wider LTE support (in regions where such high-speed data connections are available) and enhanced privacy controls. Previously, it was discovered that the software update negatively affected 3G performance on the iPhone 4S, leading Vodafone and other operators to advise users against updating.

Apple quickly addressed the problem, releasing iOS 6.1.1 which resolved the issue. Here’s hoping the tech giant is as fast to respond to the latest issue as something like this could easily and quickly be exploited.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic