1976 Apple-1 computer sold for £133,000 in auction

24 Nov 2010

A 1970s Apple 1 computer that had been expected to sell for around €180,000 has been sold for £133,000 (around €156,500) in a recent Christie’s auction.

The Apple-1, considered the first-ever home computer, originally sold for US$500 when it was built by Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976.

According to the Associated Press, the winning bidder for the Apple-1 was Italian businessman and private collector Marco Boglion, who acquired the item via phone bid.

Boglion’s winning bid will get him the computer itself and the original packaging, manuals, cassette interface and basic tape, early documentation and provenance, and a commercially rare letter from Jobs.

As of 2008, 30-50 Apple-1 computers are said to exist and the model is considered a collector’s item.