2011 Sony BRAVIA TVs will work on Saorview

16 Mar 2011

Sony Ireland has confirmed its 2011 BRAVIA TV range from 22 inches and up have been approved by RTÉ for its upcoming Saorview service.

Saorview will offer a free-to-air digital terrestrial TV service (DTT) and will offer Irish channels and more with HD programming and improved sound quality.

Saorview will be available from May 2011. RTÉ One and Two, TV3 and TG4 will be available through the current analogue signal until the end of 2012.

Televisions need to be MPEG4 compatible in order for this new service to work.

However, Sony Ireland’s 2011 BRAVIA range has been approved, meaning models at 22 inches and up from this brand will work.

“The introduction of Saorview offers viewers more channels, fantastic high-definition (HD) pictures and improved sound quality,” said Sushil Teji, general manager, Sony Ireland.

“Add to this the greater choice of internet content, smart technology and features, and industry-leading 3D, and the 2011 range of BRAVIA TVs will change the way people think about TV.

“Now your TV will really be the centre of your home entertainment. It is television, redefined,” said Teji.

Here’s the list of 2011 Sony BRAVIA TVs which will work for Saorview:

  • KDL26BX320
  • KDL32BX320
  • KDL40BX220
  • KDL22CX32D
  • KDL40BX420
  • KDL22EX320
  • KDL24EX320
  • KDL26EX320
  • KDL32CX520
  • KDL32CX523
  • KDL40CX523
  • KDL32EX524
  • KDL37EX524
  • KDL40EX524
  • KDL46EX524
  • KDL32EX723
  • KDL40EX723
  • KDL46EX723
  • KDL55EX723
  • KDL32EX724
  • KDL40EX724
  • KDL46EX724
  • KDL40HX723
  • KDL46HX723
  • KDL40NX723
  • KDL46NX723
  • KDL55NX723
  • KDL60NX723
  • KDL65HX923
  • KDL46HX923
  • KDL55HX923
  • KDL46HX823
  • KDL55HX823
  • KDL32EX523
  • KDL40CX520
  • KDL40EX523