250m Android products are activated every year (infographic)

21 Dec 2012

In just seven years the Android operating system has moved from being a start-up’s product acquired by Google to now some 250m Android products are being activated every year, making it the world’s biggest mobile OS, according to a new infographic.

The infographic, produced by MBA Guide, illustrates the sheer scale of Android’s growth and contrasts it with the 104.7m iPad and iPhone devices activated in 2011.

Three out of every four smartphones purchased in the last three months is an Android devices and every day 1.3m Android devices are activated.

For every 15 Android devices activated every second, 17 Big Mac burgers are consumed at McDonald’s.

There are some 500m Android devices active in the world at any one time compared with 410m iOS devices from Apple and the growth of Android of 800pc in one year contributed US$1.032bn to Google’s already swollen coffers.

Thanks to a licensing agreement Microsoft makes US$5 from every HTC Android phone sold.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years