30pc deem mobile more helpful than significant other – survey

14 Feb 2012

The iPhone 4S

Nearly 30pc of mobile phone owners believe their device is more helpful to them than their significant other, suggests a survey by Asurion, a provider of wireless handset insurance and wireless roadside assistance.

The 3,000 survey respondents also cited that their mobile device is more entertaining than their significant other, they appreciate that the mobile phone has an ‘off’ button and that the device never talks back.

“While the content of the communications might vary wildly among users, there’s no doubt mobile devices are now the primary way people stay in touch with their significant other,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion.

“In fact, our survey found people under the age of 34 average 20 texts or calls a day to their significant other while those age 50 and over text or call an average of nine times a day.”

Other survey results revealed that nearly 20pc of respondents said they would not end a date even if the person they were with spent the entire night on the phone.

However, women of all ages – as well as men and women ages 50 and over – said they would end a date early if the other person spent the event texting.