60pc of mobile phone owners don’t have them insured – report

12 Aug 2011

Three out of five people do not have their mobile phones insured, with 49pc not considering their phones to be expensive enough to justify insurance, a report for YouGov SixthSense suggests.

Only 22pc of British people surveyed said they have insured their mobile phones while 60pc said they don’t have a policy now, and never have had a policy. Nearly a third (29pc) of respondents said policies available are not worth the money.

Ten per cent of people who do not have a current policy used to have one, and 3pc said they plan to get insurance for their mobile phones soon.

Sixteen per cent of those without mobile phone insurance say their device is covered under a home insurance policy and 15pc said they do not think they will ever lose their phone or have it stolen or damaged.

According to the YouGov SixthSense Mobile Insurance report, mobile phone owners aged 25-39 are the most involved with insurance, either as holders of policies or as those planning to take out a policy. They are also the most likely to have had a policy in the past.

The average value of mobile phones owned by adults agreeing with the statement “My phone is not expensive enough to justify insurance” was stg£53.

Photo: The Apple iPhone