Already 100m Google Photos users, so what do we know?

22 Oct 2015

Both Paris and dogs feature high on our photo preference list it seems

Since Google opened up Photos back in May, allowing people to back up unlimited hi-res images and video, for free, 100m people have started using the service. Since then, a lot of food, cars and dogs have been showcased.

‘Clutter’ was the reason behind setting up Google Images, with Anil Sabharwal, head of the department, claiming “it’s almost impossible to find that one photo right at the moment you need it”.

It appears many agreed.

Google has revealed plenty of bits and pieces about Google Photos, as a way of celebrating the 100m milestone it recently achieved.

For example, other than taking snaps of our own mugs, we love photographing food. Weddings photos outweigh birthdays and nightclubs, while Paris is the most popular place to capture.

The No 1 search for photos is of babies, with three key scenery scenarios (sky, beaches and mountains) all among the top 10 things we take photos of.

Oh and searching for ‘me’ is, obviously, popular.

Of course, it hasn’t all been cakes and bunting for Google, which recently had to apologise after it emerged an auto-tagging feature of its Photos app that is able to guess what it is looking at wrongly concluded that two black people were ‘gorillas’.

Google – much like many other tech companies – had been developing a machine learning tool that could auto-tag quicker when people upload images to social media. That has stalled now.

But still, garnering 100m users in five months is a fine achievement, with Google releasing several snippets about the service:

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Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic