Amazon launching app store and tablet?

28 Sep 2010

Amazon is reportedly launching its own app store and is rumoured to be releasing a tablet alongside it.

TechCrunch has said that the app store will focus on the Android platform. For each app sale, Amazon will pay the developer either 70pc of the purchase price or 20pc of the ‘List Price’ – whichever one is greater.

The List Price is there to help prevent developers from selling their apps cheaper on other “similar services.”

Amazon also asks that, if developers do have apps available on other stores, they will need to be updated on Amazon more than the competing stores.

The app store will only be accessible for the US for now, and the developer fee is $99 for this program.

TechCrunch has also heard that Amazon is also preparing a tablet to coincide with this app store.

Not much else is known about this tablet, however, considering that the Amazon store will be based on the Android platform, it is presumed that the tablet will run on this, as well.