Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet to cost US$199

28 Sep 2011

Amazon has unveiled the Kindle Fire, a 7-inch Android tablet which will retail at US$199.

The tablet will not have 3G connectivity but will be Wi-Fi enabled. It also will not have a camera or a microphone.

It’s powered by a dual core processor and weighs about 414 grams. It also has 8GB of memory.

While it runs on Android, Amazon has customised the look of it to differentiate it from others to make it unique to its brand. It will also have access to all Amazon services, such as the Kindle Store, the Amazon App Store and Amazon Prime.

With a price of US$199, it’s less costly than the least expensive iPad at US$499 (€479), which could make it a strong competitor for the Christmas season.

The Kindle Fire will be available in the US on 15 November.

Kindle Touch

Amazon also unveiled new e-reader devices, including the Kindle Touch, and a smaller version of the Kindle, which will retail at US$79.

The Kindle Touch offers an IR touch system and includes features such as X-Ray, which gives readers context by offering Wikipedia information without switching to a browser.

The 3G Kindle Touch will cost US$149 and the non-3G version will cost US$99.