An iPad 2 over peace, thanks

28 Oct 2011

The Apple iPad 2

More people would ask for an Apple iPad 2 tablet computer over world peace if granted one wish, a survey suggests.

A poll of 1,200 people in Britain found the No 1 wished-for item was stg£1m, followed by an iPad 2. World peace? That came in at the No 3 spot.

“It was really interesting to see that the respondents would wish for an iPad 2 and stg£1m over world peace,” said a spokesperson for Grant My Wish Smartphone App, which conducted the survey.

“However, I do believe that if they genuinely had the opportunity for one of those wishes to be granted; they would opt for world peace instead.”

Here’s the top 10 list of the most popular wishes, according to the Grant My Wish Smartphone App survey:

1.       stg£1m 
2.       iPad 2  
3.       World peace
4.       Fame  
5.       Cosmetic surgery  
6.       Sports car  
7.       Mansion
8.       Meet a celebrity
9.       Start own business  
10.     Own a designer wardrobe