Animated Google Doodle cooks up Happy Halloween

31 Oct 2013

The Halloween Google Doodle on Google's homepage today

Internet search giant Google is celebrating the fact it’s trick-or-treat time with a rather mischievous Google Doodle on its homepage today that invites users to help cook up a cauldron of Halloween fun via a beady-eyed green witch.

By now, Google has become known for its colourful and mighty doodles that occasionally appear on its homepage, be it to celebrate the anniversary of a pioneering scientist’s or artist’s birth date, or to celebrate an occasion, such as Mexico Day or Canada Day. And today’s Halloween doodle on its homepage is no exception.

To mark 31 October – the day kids, teens and adults don their best trick-or-treating outfits to go knocking on neighbours’ doors for some candy, Google has come up with an expressive and colourful interactive stylised Google logo. When a user clicks on it, the Halloween witch turns pages in her book until four ingredients appear in the corners of the doodle – a bone, a skull, a potion and an apple. Users can determine the type of brew the witch produces by clicking on any two ingredients to add them to the cauldron. The result of the recipe appears following a swirl of smoke.

Google Doodle for Halloween

Adding the bone and the apple to the witch’s cauldron in today’s Google Doodle produces five jack-o-lanterns that light up when a user moves his or her mouse over the carved pumpkins.

This day, the eve before All Souls Day, also known as Samhain in Ireland, harkens back to the pagan or Celtic era.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic