App Review: Vuvuzela 2010

24 Jun 2010

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants it banned, Prince William likes to play with his and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has condemned those who speak ill of the instrument plus a stadium full of them is the auditory equivalent of a jet engine taking off. Yes, it’s the Vuvuzela.

If you want to join in on the irritating fun but not run the risk of your family, friends and colleagues strangling you with a plastic one, then perhaps you should download a virtual version of this most hated yet viral of “musical instruments” or noise makers.

Vuvuzela 2010 is free from the App Store and has only one goaaaaaaal (sorry) in mind: to make lots of glorious eardrum-shattering noise. Tapping on the vuvuzela or shaking your iPhone will get it going and if you continue to shake, it continues to parp rather loudly – I’ve tested this out on one friend and it’s probably the nearest my iPhone has come to sudden death.

There is one place, however, where you can use this in safety. If you’re watching the World Cup from your sofa and you’re on your own, you can make as much noise with the Vuvuzela 2010 app in time to the onscreen supporters and it has interchangeable country colours so you can have it kitted out in the proper gear.

Remember: continually tapping will give one long sustained foghorn noise. Now get practising!

Perhaps not surprisingly there are several other vuvuzela mobile phone apps, including Vuvuzela World Cup, which has a two-player mode, but let’s not get too crazy, eh