Apple A6 and A7 processors coming – radical new iPhone design

16 Sep 2011

These new iPhone covers appeared briefly on Case-Mate's website in recent days, hinting at a slimmer iPhone 5 with a tear-shaped edge

Not only do new Case-Mate covers for the next iPhone hint at a radical new design that seems to be in keeping with prototype images that suggest a tapered shape and wider screen, but Apple is also working on new A6 and A7 processors with Taiwanese founder TSMC.

Apple is understood to have finalised an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing that will see the company produce the next two generations of processor that will feature in future iPhone and iPad devices.

According to Taiwan-based industry news service DigiTimes, TSMC will apply its 28nm and 20nm process technologies to produce the next-generation A6 and A7 CPUs.

It has been speculated that Samsung will no longer be the exclusive manufacturer of silicon for Apple iOS devices and now it is believed that TSMC has quietly secured Apple’s contract.

Price appears to be the order of the day, with TSMC securing a price that allows a favourable gross margin yield in keeping with 2011 yields of 46pc.

New covers suggest radical new design for iPhone 5

According to Boy Genius Report, pictures emerged briefly on Case-Mate’s website showing a slew of new iPhone cover designs that hint at a slimmer, but not necessarily wider iPhone design that could potentially contain a device not too dissimilar to the tear-shaped prototype images that began circulating during the summer.

The images also suggest the next iPhone will have an aluminium backing.

It emerged in recent days that Apple will release its Gold Master of iOS 5 to manufacturers at some point between 23-30 September, indicating a mid-October launch for its next-generation iPhone.

Typically, it takes up to two weeks for shipping of hardware after receiving the Gold Master.

Photo below: Prototype iPhone images with a tapered/tear-shaped edge that emerged online during the summer

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