Apple adds to iPhone OS 4.0

5 May 2010

With the arrival of a third beta release, the iPhone OS 4.0 appears to have plenty more features aside from those already announced, namely multitasking, iAd and Folders.

Orientation Lock comes to iPhone

Although coming only two weeks after the second beta release, the third one brings some welcome changes, including Orientation Lock like the iPad has, so no irritating switches from landscape to portrait and back again if you’re trying to browse the web while reclining on the sofa!

Drag and drop in iTunes

What looks very interesting on the OS 4.0 beta is new functionality within iTunes as reported on It looks as though there will be a file sharing option for dragging and dropping apps and mail documents from the desktop straight into the iPhone instead of having to sync, and possibly with more to come before launch.

iTunes widget will be on iPhone homescreen

There is also a widget for the iPod now, so you will be able to add iPod controls to the multitasking panel on the bottom of the screen, allowing you to pause and change songs from your home screen without opening the app.

By Marie Boran