Apple and Samsung announce recall notices on selected phones

28 Apr 2014

Both Apple and Samsung have announced, in separate statements, they will be recalling some of their handsets over security and hardware issues that exist in some models of their most popular phones.

The phones in question are Apple’s iPhone 5 which reportedly has seen a number of its models shipped with a malfunctioning sleep/wake button, while Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, has been found to have included a non-functioning camera in a limited number of models.

Both Apple and Samsung have now issued statements detailing how customers affected by the faults can send their phone back for repair or replacement.


Apple have detailed all the requirements for eligibility for a replacement and are asking for iPhone 5 users to enter their phone’s serial number on the dedicated website.

The company have said that only a ‘small percetnage’ of phones are affected by the sleep/wake button issue and promised customers that the replacement will be free of charge.

Irish customers who have found their device to be faulty will have to wait until 2 May as this marks the start of Apple’s international re-call programme.


Similarly to Apple, Samsung have issued a statement saying: “We have discovered that the issue has been seen in a very limited portion of early production Galaxy S5 units, and was caused by complications in the Read Only Memory component which stores the information necessary to operate the camera.”

For those finding the warning message appearing should contact Samsung’s customer service or their mobile operator to get the phone replaced.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic