Apple iCloud users experience outage

19 Apr 2012

Apple has confirmed today that up to 1pc of its iCloud mail and notes users were unable to access the mail service for up to 30 hours. It means that at least 1m users were impacted by the outage, as Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed back in early February that the service had already amassed 100m users since its October launch.

Yesterday, the Apple Support Communities page had been flooded with posts from iCloud users, from across the globe – from London to Tokyo and Malaysia, with some saying that they had been 30 hours without email access.

On its iCloud Support page today, Apple said that the affected users may have been unable to access mail, experienced delays with incoming mail, or encountered an erroneous message that they were out of storage.

It said normal service has been restored.

Apple’s new suite of iCloud services were rolled out last October. Its offering allows users to sync and backup data on their different Apple devices through the cloud.

Back in February, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iCloud had already amassed 100m users from around the world. That would mean that at least 1m users were impacted by this week’s outage on the synching service, especially as the user base has more than likely grown since Cook’s February metrics.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic