Apple is about to reveal a long-overdue overhaul of MacBook Pro line

10 Aug 2016

MacBook Pro is about to get its most dramatic overhaul in 4 years, with a touch screen instead of function keys and thin digital screen

The trusty MacBook Pro is about to get its most dramatic overhaul in four years, with a new keyboard, touchscreen for function keys, increased processing power and an ultra-thin digital screen.

Apple is under pressure due to consumers not replacing iPad devices as quickly as it was thought they would.

It has also been roundly criticised for not innovating in terms of its MacBook Pro line-up, a stalwart product category at Apple.

Future Human

According to reports, the new computers probably won’t debut at the Apple event tipped to take place in September, and are more likely to hit the market by November.

Return of the Mac

According to Bloomberg, the MacBook Pro line has shown remarkable resilience, despite the late Steve Jobs heralding the iPad as a “post-PC” device.

Mac sales, including the Pro line, rose 6pc to $25.5bn in the last fiscal year, while iPad sales plummeted 23pc to $23.2bn.

The most exciting change suggested is a secondary display above the keyboard that will replace the standard function key road.

Instead of physical keys, a strip-like screen will present functions on an as-needed basis using organic LEDs, responding to context, such as when iTunes is in use.

The new MacBook Pro devices are expected to have a smaller footprint and casing, with shallower curves around the edges.

The pressure-sensitive trackpad is also tipped to be slightly wider.

The new machines will be beefed up with higher-performance Polaris graphics chips from AMD.

The new-design MacBook Pro machines will also include USB-C technology, which can not only charge the device but also handle data transfers and display connectivity.

What else is hiding in the Apple basket?

Various reports tip the next Apple reveal to take place on either 7 September or 16 September.

The latest rumours include claims that Apple may launch three next-generation iPhone devices with a new haptic home button, including an iPhone 7 Pro device that will have a dual camera sensor.

Apple is also expected to reveal the next-generation Apple Watch 2, which may come with a faster processor, GPS, better battery life and superior waterproofing.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years