Apple pulls Google’s Nest Thermostat from its retail and online stores

24 Jul 2015

The consumer internet of things is upon us, and already the tech giants are bickering: Apple has removed Nest's Thermostat from its stores.

The smart wars are on as Apple has pulled Google-owned Nest’s Smart Thermostat from shelves in its retail stores and online just as the first batch of products that work on Apple’s HomeKit arrive.

Apple has been selling the Nest Smart Thermostat since 2012 and was one of the first companies to sell the innovative device.

The Nest Thermostat was designed by Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, or Pod Father, and other former Apple employees.

Nest products began disappearing from Apple Store shelves earlier this month.

War of the things: Apple Vs Nest

Last year at WWDC Apple laid out its plans for internet of things devices with new software and APIs in the form of HomeKit.

Apple intends to digitise every home with everything from smart thermostats to devices for controlling fridges, light bulbs, TVs and more.

This will use core devices like the Apple TV as a hub as well as the iPhone, iPod and iPad as controllers,

It is replacing the Nest Thermostat with the Ecobee 3, the first HomeKit-enabled thermostat, which sells for US$249.

Google acquired Nest last year from Fadell for US$3.2bn.

Since Google is already working on its competing platform for the internet of things – Project Brillo – it may be unlikely we’ll see Apple stocking Nest products again anytime soon.

For its part Nest, has been growing its portfolio of smart things devices. As well as a new version of the Smart Thermostat it recently launched the Nest Cam, a full HD 1080p device with motion detection and night vision that transmits all video instantly to the cloud. Last year Nest acquired Dropcam for US$555m.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years