Apple releases iOS 7.1 software update

11 Mar 2014

Apple’s new iOS 7.1 software update is in the wild, featuring a number of user interface changes and CarPlay support.

The new update, which began rolling out last night for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, comes with a number of changes designed to speed things up. This includes faster animations and shape changes.

Calendar now includes a dedicated list and tray view button.

New features in Camera include a new auto HDR mode, an indicator for when HDR will be activated and a new auto flash indiccator.

Siri will now have a new ‘push to talk’ button for speech recognition.

The OS update will also come with CarPlay support.

A key dimension of the new OS will be improved accessibility options driven by design in the form of stark button borders and a toggle to dim harsh white elements.

Users will also be able to “reduce motion” such as the sweeping animations as users move beteen apps.

Other changes included in the updated OS include changes to iTunes Radio and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The OS won’t run on phones older than the iPhone 4. It is understood that so far 83pc of Apple device users have downloaded iOS 7.

The update is available now and will start appearing on iOS devices over the coming week.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years