Apple set to ship ‘iTablet’ in March

5 Jan 2010

Back in January 2009, Apple COO Tim Cook gave netbooks a tongue-lashing, claiming they were “inferior” and “will not provide the experience to customers that they’re happy with”, adding that “the products in there are principally based on hardware that’s much less powerful than we think customers want, software technology that is not good, cramped keyboards, small displays, etc”, and so Apple has come up with its own solution: a touchscreen tablet device that is set to launch in two months.

As we wait with bated breath for an official announcement, the Wall Street Journal reports that “people briefed by the company” describe a 10 to 11-inch touchscreen tablet that will more than likely combine the portability, usability and ergonomics of an eBook device, netbook and multimedia player.

This colour touchscreen device will primarily be for surfing the web, watching movies, playing music and reading ebooks and electronic-format newspapers.

It is said to have a price tag of around US$1,000 and as reports Google China’s ex-president Kai-fu Lee blogged about the device, saying an “informed friend” told him that it “looks like a large iPhone, there are 10.1-inch multi-touchscreen, and amazing user interface, 3D graphics, virtual keyboard, video conferencing, e-books, internet this and other functions.

“Steve Jobs will launch the product in January. The most striking: Apple expected the first year of output at close to 10 million,” he added.

All Things Digital reports that Apple is set to make a major product announcement from San Francisco on 27 January. With no further details on what may be announced, it is a safe bet that all will be revealed about the iTablet on this date.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Artist’s interpretation of the rumoured Apple iTablet