Apple smartwatch reportedly has October launch and 2.5-inch screen

20 Jun 2014

If sources close to the company are to be believed, the first Apple smartwatch will be launched this October and will feature a 2.5-inch screen and wireless charging capability.

Reuters reported Apple will begin production of the wearable tech in Taiwan, using the manufacturers Quanta Computing. Apple expects to ship 50m units of the smartwatch in the first year of its launch.

Currently under trial production, the as-yet un-named smartwatch could also contain a pulse sensor with a screen supplied by LG, at least for the first batches of test products.

In terms of usability and functions, the watch will be able to perform a number of tasks independently, but similar to its competitors, will need to be paired with an iPhone to use any messaging or voice calls.

While it’s not confirmed when exactly the first production of the devices will begin, from the leaking of this news to Reuters it can be presumed the smartwatches have entered the testing phase before mass production, if Apple is to target an October launch.

It would appear from the information leaked that Apple’s incarnation of the smartwatch is not too dissimilar to its competitors but further details are expected to become more clear in the coming weeks and months.

Apple shop image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic