Apple starts offering older versions of apps to outdated OS users on eve of iOS 7 release

17 Sep 2013

Image via iQoncept/Shutterstock

A Reddit user has spotted a new feature from Apple that does users of older operating systems a favour. It appears that users can now download the last version of an app that was compatible with their software, opening up a world of new apps to users of old devices.

Reddit user Justinbeiberispoop (his/her words, not mine) claims, “I just tried installing Instagram on my 2nd generation iPod Touch and got this:” followed by a link to the image below.

The latest version of Instagram available from the iTunes App Store is only compatible with devices running iOS 5.0 or later, which is the same for numerous apps in the App Store. However, this alert shows that Apple is now offering users “the last compatible version” of apps to users with older operating systems.

Image posted by Reddit user Justinbeiberispoop

Image posted by Reddit user Justinbeiberispoop

While an older version of an app isn’t ideal, it’s a much better option than no app at all.

With Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 7, arriving tomorrow, this move will mean a great deal to users stuck on older devices and older operating systems. While developers will move on to working on iOS 7 and compatibility with older operating systems will drop off, these users will at least be afforded the opportunity to download older versions of apps that are suitable for their outdated OS.

Main apps image by iQoncept via Shutterstock

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