Apple Store goes down worldwide, white iPhone to launch?

26 Jan 2011

The Apple Store is temporarily down globally, sparking rumours that the white iPhone 4 will finally see its debut today.

The store has been down for the past few hours, with the site saying Apple is updating the store. The main navigation bar has undergone a slight redesign during this time.

However, a tweet surfaced suggesting the store’s downtime could be to launch the elusive white iPhone 4.

The tweet cited what are supposed to be white iPhone part numbers, supplied by a known Apple insider.

It also identified that the phone could come in both a 16GB version and a 32GB version.

The anticipated white iPhone 4 was last said to be released in spring, however, if the tweet is true, then perhaps we’ll see it on the store later today.

UPDATE: The store is back online, with no white iPhone in sight. There are some small aspects redesigned, along with a section promoting iPhone and iPad products for Valentine’s day.