Apple tablet will run on iPhone OS

30 Sep 2009

A fresh wave of rumours surrounding the possibility of an Apple tablet device has hit the web and this time they are emanating from a “reliable source” who claims that the tablet will run on the iPhone operating system.

The Apple tablet – dubbed the ‘IPA’ by iLounge – is reportedly in its second design phase and will have a 10.7-inch screen, according to the source that contacted Jermey Horwitz, editor-in-chief of iLounge.

Apple has said in the past that the current generation of netbooks available on the market from competitors were not ideal and it seems as though the new tablet will be steering away from the netbook model and going towards an iPhone-tablet hybrid device.

As Apple COO Tim Cook said in January 2009: “Right now, we think the (netbook) products are inferior and will not provide the experience to customers that they’re happy with.”

The Apple tablet will not only have the iPhone operating system but reportedly will also have a similar chassis complete with curved black back and is designed for the same kind of computing and communications functionality that the iPhone currently offers.

That would mean that we will be looking at an apps-driven device somewhat similar to the Nokia Booklet 3G, which plans to focus on integration with Nokia’s Ovi Store, Ovi Maps and other cloud services.

A 19 January or earlier announcement date for the Apple tablet is planned, according to iLounge, and there will be two models, with or without 3G. Are you ready for the next Apple gadget frenzy?

By Marie Boran, via

Photo: Concept art for the rumoured Apple tablet.