Apple to drop wide dock connector, move earphone jack to bottom of next iPhone

23 Jul 2012

The iPhone 4S

As well as adopting a smaller 19-pin port at the bottom of its next iPhone instead of the current 30-pin port, Apple is understood to be planning to also move its earphone jack to the bottom of the smartphone.

For weeks now, iPhone lovers have been coming to terms with the likelihood that the multitude of systems, such as audio docks, chargers, and car adapters, won’t work with the next-generation smartphone from Apple.

There is no indication that Apple is planning to package adapters so device owners can make the most out of their existing investments.

Referring to its own sources, Reuters has reported that Apple is willing to run the gauntlet on this one and the consensus is the move will be a boon for accessory makers who are no doubt already building their latest offerings in time for an anticipated September/October launch.

The present 30-pin port is much larger than the micro-USB connector on rival Android and Windows Phone devices and moving to a smaller port size will allow Apple to include a larger battery in future devices.

It is understood that some manufacturers in China have already begun offering cases with room for a connector and an earphone jack that they claim are correct.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years